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This server is provided by the Advanced Photon Source to all APS beamlines as a central point for AutoCAD drawings and other relavent documents usefule for beamline construction and operation.

Drawings presented in this Beamline Design Library (former Design Exchange) are for REFERENCE USE ONLY!

At this time Mohan Ramanathan and Kevin Randall are responsible for this WEB site. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions related to this site and its contents.
The drawings in this library are for most part ACAD 14 format. Recent drawings will be using the newer formats based on ACAD 2002.

CADviewer Program
A java based ACAD drawing viewer for viewing, printing all the drawings in the design libraries.

Useful Information
Experiment Hall layout, Information on the drawing number system used for most of the standard components located in this design library

Technical Specifications
APS standard Statement of work and technical specifications used from procurement of APS standard components.

This document is under construction.

Front Ends
List of front end drawings and their ray tracings, along with their location arroud the storage ring.

Drawing libraries
Browse through all the Standard Component drawings and view them with the CADviewer or download them.
Need to be a registered user to download drawings outside the APS domain.

Beamline Review Committee Submissions
Documents submitted to the original BRC for review, specifically the drawings.
Access restricted to APS domain only

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Argonne National Laboratory is operated by the University of Chicago under contract with the Department of Energy. The Advanced Photon Source is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences.